Dublin Ohio Homes for Sale: The value of curb appeal! Bob and Lorene Hetherington

  • Posted on: 19 November 2015
  • By: bobandlorene


Dublin Ohio Homes For Sale: The value of curb appeal! 


Painting your home: from flab to fab

Looking for Dublin Ohio Homes for sale?  Most buyers start their search on line and just like going in for a job interview, you want to put your best foot forward.  The first shot of a house, typically the photo showing the front of the home has to be a "10".  This past year, I decided to ramp up the curb appeal of our home.....which needless to say....needed help!  Check out the right photo, and you'll see we have a tudor style on the front and it screams 1980's.  If you drive around neighborhoods most people with tudors, tend to paint the majority of the home a lighter color, with dark colors accenting the trim.  This dates the home and makes it look old school.  

Thinking outside the box with paint colors and curb appeal:

Painting a home is expensive.  The cost depends on size, but most Dublin Ohio homes for sale or surrounding communities of Columbus, cost between $3,000-$5,500 dollars to paint. So take your time, hire a pro, and make it count!  If you have a tudor or stucco house, the trend right now is to go with a darker neutral color on the body of the home, with lighter trim.  You can see the results on the left.  The colors we used were Sherwin Williams Tawny Taupe for the main color, and Decorators White by Benjamin Moore on the trim. 


Shutters can turn your home from flab to fabulous.  We had our painter make cedar shutters out of wood from a general wood supply company.  We were going for a very french country style, and added black shutter hardware ($59 dollars a window) to add some extra pop. These shutters are pretty easy to make, but do require the right wood saws, so if you're only going to use the equipment for shutters, it might be more cost effective to hire a woodworker or painter to create them.  

So if you're thinking about painting your dublin ohio homes for sale,  take your time picking just the right colors and don't be afraid to rethink the tudor style.  Some paint stores have designers on hand that can help you choose the right colors.  If you need help, give us a call! Even if you're not selling for years to come, we specialize in Dublin Ohio homes for sale and are happy to help in anyway we can.  Call or text The Hetherington Team at (614) 284-8622.







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