Buying a home in Dublin, Ohio before the start of school

  • Posted on: 25 July 2015
  • By: bobandlorene

 Trying to buy or sell a home in Dublin, Ohio before the start of the school year?  It's crunch time.  This weekend, many homes will sell in Dublin, Ohio. I'm out with several buyers the next two days who are trying to grab a great house.  Dublin Schools begin their new 2015-2016 school year the week of August 24th.  And that means this weekend, you have to tag a property in order to be able to make the timing work perfectly.  The biggest challenge in being able to buy a house in Dublin, Ohio is getting the financing in order in 30 days.  From the time you write an offer, to the time you can actually move in....most lenders need four weeks to process the paperwork.  So that means:  it's time to make decisions and make sure your agent is on it! Here are  a couple of tips to help you find and buy your perfect home in Dublin, Ohio.  First of all, team up with an expert who specializes in selling and buying homes in Dublin, Ohio.  If your agent does not know what elementary, middle and high school each home feeds into, you should not be in the car with them! Preparation is the key.  Try to work with your agent to narrow the list to 10-15 potential homes.  See them all in a row so you can see first hand which ones are the absolute best.  Ask your agent ahead of time to do a study of the neighborhoods (they should be doing this already) to tell you what homes are selling for on a price per square foot basis, the high and low sales prices, and the average days on market.  Armed with good data on the Dublin Ohio Real Estate market, you can craft an offer that's a winner and not mess around with an unrealistically low bid on a great house.  If you REALLY love a particular house, even before you get in the car, have your agent call the sellers agent to find out if they are working any current you don't loose any opportunities.  If the sellers are working an offer, get in their asap so you can see if it's a home worth making a run at.  Your agent should also call ahead to see what the preferred timing is like for the sellers.  Every home seller in Dublin Ohio is different.  You won't know about timing until you ask.  The school year is right around the corner and you need to know ahead of time if the seller can and will get out in time, as long as you can find a price everyone agrees with!  Finally, there's a great saying in real estate this year.  "If you have to go home and think about it, go home and forget about it".  Dublin is a great place to own a home.  But the market is competitive.  And you may have to act quickly if you spot a home that's perfect for you.  Trust your gut!  If you love a house and your agent has done their homework and it looks like a great buy, be aggressive and make a run at it.  On the flip side, if you are nervous and not 100% sure about the house, wait until you are absolutely ready.  Or better yet, keep looking at homes until you find THE ONE.  If you need help buying or selling a home in Dublin, Ohio give us a call! We're happy to help in any way we can.  Bob and Lorene Hetherington, Keller Williams Consultants, (614) 284-8622.  Website:




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